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Copywriting Services


For services, Heidi Siefkas of Hide N Seek is highly talented in all forms of content creation, including copywriting and editing across various styles, blogging, and video creation and distribution. Expertise in creating innovative public relations and marketing strategies with traditional and social media, forecasting and establishing business development goals, and securing alliance partnerships. 

Content Creation

Writing across various styles: freelance articles, website copywriting, blogging, newsletters, collateral copywriting, video scripts, and more.

Creation & management of editorial calendars for corporate communications and social media.

Social Media

Shape social media strategy (Blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube) through a unique blend of original content from blogs, images, videos while sparking conversations online and offline.

Well-versed in the latest tools and trends to gain traction, interaction, and buzz on social media channels.

Public Relations

PR Planning and Strategy / Media Relations

Press Releases  / Press kits / Bios / Boilerplates

Executive & Team Preparation (speeches, interviews, panels)

Tradeshows & Special Events

Marketing / Branding

Newsletters / Collateral development

Internal & External Communications

Video Production & Distribution

Corporate Identity / Market Position / Message and Image

Foster & Build Strategic Alliances

Determine Best Positioning within both B2B & B2C


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