Laulima Hawaii

Laulima Hawaii Pin


protect native flora + fauna

A portion of proceeds from every purchase supports the conservation of Hawaiian species + ecosystems

The 'I'iwi is a Hawaiian Honeycreeper that was once found on all main Hawaiian Islands.

Pulelehua (also known as the Kamehameha butterfly) is a native pollinator of many native plants. The caterpillars love to snack on māmaki leaves.

Loulu is the only palm tree native to Hawaiʻi. Many loulu species are endangered— invasive rats eat the loulu fruit and destroy the seeds, preventing new loulu plants from growing.

Pōhinahina is a native sprawling shrub that grows along coastlines. The small purple flowers make a beautiful scene along the shores. Pōhinahina leaves were used medicinally and to repel insects.

✔ 1.125" enamel pin with secure double-backing

🤙10% of proceeds support Native Hawaiian flora and fauna conservation 👌

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