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I am Lali and I’m an intuitive medium and level III Master Reiki practitioner.  I provide intuitive readings by channeling spirit and Reiki energy healing to release physical and emotional pain.  Respect for my spirit guides, angels and ancestors are paramount and the work I do is always with empathy and love.  I guess I am what you would call a late bloomer when it comes to utilizing my spiritual abilities.  Being a very shy girl I knew my astral travel dreams and claircognizant abilities was something I should keep to myself to “fit in”.  As I matured my need to use theses abilities became stronger with feeling the vibration on the planet increasing.  My life was forever altered in April of 2016 when I met Prince Rogers Nelson in spirit who opened my 3rd eye.  He has been with me since then guiding me to achieve my life purpose of providing healing and assist others to raise their vibration and discover how spiritually powerful we all are.  Welcome to the dawn!

Since then I’ve worked hard under the guidance of my spiritual team to find teachers to help me develop my channeling abilities as well as become a master level Reiki practitioner.  I channel my guides and connect to spirit to bring clarity to your questions on loved ones in spirit, finance, career, relationship, health and more.  So many people have heard that inner calling to raise their spiritual vibration, heal their emotional blocks and walk closer with God, the source of all life.  My hope is to assist you with finding your life purpose for this incarnation and discover joy in the experience.  Follow me on social media! Contact me today and we can put some purple spirit in your life!
Mahalo nui