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Cafe De Salento


CAFE DE SALENTO within its acidity and sweetness lays a creamy body.

Cafe De Salento is a balanced sustainable Salento Coffee recognized by its caramel notes and red fruits. Variety Tabi and Castillo have been lightly toasted to conserve the fragrance intensity of the mixture. This variety is a soft coffee, washed with cherry, fermented for 24 hours with the pulp on then pulped and fermented for another 24 hours to be washed and dried in African Raised beds for 8 days.

This is an ideal coffee for those who are looking for sweet coffee.

Sensory expression

  • Intensity: 7
  • Varieties: Tabi + Castillo
  • Sweet: 6
  • Process Type: Soft Wash
  • Acidity: 8


  • Cultivated Height: 1780 to 1890 meters above sea level
  • Body: 9
  • Drying: Sun
  • Toasting Type: Medium
  • Availability: All year

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