Aloha Mālie

Kanoa Tank


Everyone's baseline is the start of something great. Aloha Baseline reminds you to bring the ALOHA and make it even better!

Fitted quality workout and leisure sleeveless muscle tank. Soft stretching feeling with the right amount of thickness. Perfect fit as a wet shirt for all you surfers and paddleboarders.

✅ Material: 95% Cotton / 5% spandex
✅ Color: Red/Burgundy
✅ Design: AB Triangle or AB Script (L, XL, XXL only)
✅ Care Instructions: Machine Wash Cold/gentle, dark colors only. Tumble Dry low.

Size Examples:
Medium - 6' / 170lb
Large - 5'11" / 210lb
XL - 6'2" / 220lbs

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