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  • Koa Wood Lina Kī Hawaii key ring
  • Koa Wood Lina Kī By birth hawaiian style and 808
  • Koa Wood Lina Kī 808 and Hawaiian Style
  • Koa Wood Lina Kī 808
  • Koa Wood Lina Kī hawaiian style and by birth
  • Koa Wood Lina Kī Local girl key ring
  • Koa Wood Lina Kī by birth key ring
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Koa Kards

Koa Wood Lina Kī - Key Ring

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Don’t just own something made in Hawai’i, own something that is Hawai’i.

Koa (Acacia Koa) is the second most plentiful tree in Hawai’i. It is highly prized and endemic to Hawai’i. Our people used and continue to use Koa wood to build wa’a (canoes), hale (houses), hoe (paddles), papa he’e nalu (surfboards), ihe (spears), and mea hana (tools). Currently, the only place in the world where Koa wood is harvested is on the summits of Hawai’i Island.

Ke Ka’ina Hana (The Process)
Koa wood is peeled to a 1/200″ thick veneer and two pieces are fused together which produces what is called “micro-veneer.”

Ka Hui (The Company)
Koa Kards was formed in 1996 with the mana’o (thought) that quality products from Hawai’i are affordable. The small business provides high-quality work at a reasonable cost. All of the designs are crafted on 100% Hawaiian Koa Wood with positive intentions of finding a forever home. Incorporated ‘Ōlelo Hawai’i (Hawaiian Language) within the products to normalize and grow our language as well as educate our valued customers