Moke Gabs - A Local Fun Kine Card Game

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Read the gibberish out loud to decode the local phrase!


A fun kine card game from Hawaiiverse!

Each card has gibberish that sounds like a local phrase when read aloud.

for example... KEEP SAYING:


Until you figure out it's supposed to be:


Customer Reviews

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Awesome. Played it while camping with my fam and everyone loved it..


Hella Fun, entertaining and we love it


Fun and creative game for locals. Definitely buying as gifts for friends and family!


Sooooo much fun. Gotta play with people who say it out loud. People who say it in there heads are boring 🤣


I love it. The cards are really funny and everyone trying to guess the answer

  • 50 cards (200 phrases)
  • 1 rule card
  • 1 message from Hawaiiverse
  • The 1st team chooses a person to hold the card - the rest of the team will guess.
    The holder sits across of the guesser(s).
  • The 2nd team starts a timer for 30 - 60 seconds (you decide).
  • The 1st team guesser begins reading the gibberish facing them aloud - the correct answer is on the other side. If a guesser correctly figures out the local phrase, the holder may flip another card.
  • Guessers keep guessing until the timer runs out. A team can skip a card at
    any time, but cannot score any points for it once it’s skipped. A team can guess as many phrases as they want, but skipped or unguessed cards can be stolen by the other team.
  • When time runs out, score 1 point for all correctly guessed phrases. Any
    skipped or unguessed cards can be guessed & stolen by the other team’s guesser(s), scoring 1 point for each steal, but they must guess immediately.
  • Switch teams, and continue until 15 points are scored.
  • In the event of a tie, flip one final card at random, and have 1 guesser from each team make a guess as fast as possible.

    You can change these rules to fit your playstyle. The main goals are to have fun, and embrace your local side!

Each card has 4 phrases; two on each side. They are not categorized, but each phrases comes from everyday local life (think food, slang, animals, etc.) There's nothing too niche, they should all be pretty apparent if you're familiar with Hawaiʻi.

  • The card holder should not give guidance or hints on the phrase (unless you're playing house rules.)
  • A tie occurs if a team scores 15 points but leaves enough cards to be stolen by the other team at the end of the timer.
  • Keep saying the word out loud, it helps a lot.
  • It is possible to play with more than two teams or uneven teams.

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