Why the Ipu Heke Is Important to Hula

Taylor Martin

As the rhythmic heartbeat of Hawaiian culture, the Ipu Heke holds a special place in the foundation of hula. This traditional percussion instrument not only sets the pace for hula dancers but also embodies the essence of our Hawaiian heritage. Crafted with care and precision, it emanates a rich, resonant sound that echoes the spirit of our ancestors. Originating from ancient chants and rituals, the Ipu Heke has been passed down through generations, carrying with it our people's stories and mana (spiritual power).

The prestigious Merrie Monarch competition serves as a platform for showcasing the finest expressions of Hawaiian culture, and the Ipu Heke is often a central element in the performances that grace the stage. Craftsmanship and artistry intertwine as skilled artisans handcraft each Ipu Heke with dedication and aloha. From selecting the finest gourds to intricately carving and binding them, every step in the process reflects a deep reverence for tradition and craftsmanship.

As dancers move gracefully across the stage, the rhythmic beats of the Ipu Heke guide their steps, weaving together the rich tapestry of hula. Its usage in the ancient chants of hula kahiko showcases this beloved instrument's versatility and enduring allure. Whether depicting tales of love, history, genealogy, or mythology, the Ipu Heke adds depth and authenticity to every performance.

At Hawaiiverse, we honor these traditions by offering one-of-a-kind Ipu Heke toy products for keiki. Made with love and aloha, Sew Hau'oli has Ipu Heke stuffed toys that are perfect for sharing the joy of Hawaiian culture with loved ones. Whether adorned with vibrant patterns or classic palaka design, each Ipu Heke carries the essence of our island home. Let the rhythm of the Ipu Heke ignite your passion for our rich cultural heritage. 


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 “Hula is the language of the heart, and therefore the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people.” - King David Kalakaua


  Written by: Kamalani Castillo-Johnson


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