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What's a Hawaiiverse Ambassador?

A Hawaiiverse Ambassador is an individual with a formal relationship with a brand as a representative and advocate; an important distinction to make is between a Brand Ambassador and an Influencer. We're looking for someone who resonates with our mission and vision, uses the product, advocates for our brand and gets rewarded for such advocacy. If you’re a passionate reviewer, stylist, foodie, content creator and love to support local, made in Hawaiʻi products and services, you may be the right fit.

You're not just helping Hawaiiverse; you're also contributing to the broader business community and, ultimately, benefiting Hawai'i as a whole.

This opportunity allows you to connect with fellow business owners, expand your network, and, in the process, earn both money and store credit.

By promoting your customized discount code and encouraging local business owners to join Hawaiiverse, you gain access to exclusive perks, including early product access, discount codes, invitations to Hawaiiverse events, opportunities to create promotional videos, and even a fantastic welcome package!

The Ideal Hawaiiverse Ambassador has the following qualities: 

A passion for their local community: A genuine affinity and passion for our local community is crucial for a Hawaiiverse ambassador. Ideally you are someone who prefers supporting hometown businesses and products. 

Knowledge of the local scene: A good Hawaiiverse Ambassador is a community enthusiast who has an in-depth understanding of their local area and the unique culture, people, and businesses it has to offer. 

Makes creative & engaging content: All social media platforms are accepted. 

An engaging social media presence: An active, vibrant, and consistent presence across social media platforms, accompanied by a dedicated and engaged following, can amplify the reach and impact of Hawaiiverse and our community message to support local. 

All roles combine their passion for their local community, their social media expertise, and their sales skills to promote the brand of Hawaiiverse as well as their commission based code they, and their community, can benefit from. 

Both Ambassador roles cultivate a community of people who have confidence in your recommendations and lean on you to help them discover products worth purchasing. Both roles require a level of transparency by openly and honestly endorsing brands you believe in and partner with including that you post an affiliate sales commission. 

Ambassador: Typically Ambassadors are entry-level representatives who are beginning their journey with Hawaiiverse. They are champions of their community who love discovering new local products and are effortless in spreading word about the things they love to invest in. 

Senior Ambassador: Senior Ambassadors are experienced individuals who have worked with Hawaiiverse for an extended period and have proven their dedication and effectiveness. All Ambassadors have the opportunity to become Senior Ambassadors. 

Content Contributor: Content contributors are members of the community who already create local based content and would like to share that content with Hawaiiverse and our community. They can be bloggers, photographers, social media mavens; anyone who already makes interesting, engaging community based content that can be shared across our social platforms. 

Rather than a commission based code, Content Contributors receive sponsorship for their post whether it be a reel, tiktok, blog post, etc. to be featured on our platforms. A content contributor can also be an Ambassador.  

Hawaiiverse Swag!

All Hawaiiverse Ambassadors get a welcome package including Moke Gabs, an I Support Local Tee, and a $100 gift card to our online store.

Want to work with us?

It’s as simple as filling out an application here

After you submit your application, a team member will reach out to you with details and next steps.

Questions? Please email us at callie@hawaiiverse.com.