Gift Guide 2 - Giving on a Budget

Taylor Martin

Gift giving is a wonderful way to express our affection and appreciation for the special people in our lives. However, for those of us who also want to support local businesses, finding budget friendly gifts that tick both boxes can be a difficult and rewarding challenge. 

Whether you’re on a tight budget, looking for something small, or simply prefer to focus on meaningful gestures, we’ve put together a gift guide dedicated to budget friendly gift options that are big on both sentiment, savings, and as always, supporting local. 

With all items listed in this article being under $25.00, we are on a mission to prove that heartfelt and meaningful presents can be found on a budget and that we have some ideas sure to make your loved ones, and your wallet, smile.

Gifts $10 & Under

1. Stickers, starting at $4.00

Our website,, has an abundance of sticker options including these cheeky holo stickers by Minoʻaka Art Lab


Stickers might seem like a simple gift, but they carry an undeniable charm that make them a source of joy, and an excellent choice for a present. We all love customizing our notebooks, water bottles, laptops, and otherwise mundane things; and options like this Taro-ism not Tourism 4” Vinyl Pepili (Sticker), $4.00, offer a canvas for expression by way of island inspired art by local artist like Malie Designs & Maria Haupia. Stickers can also be a cost-effective and creative way to spread Christmas cheer and are a delightful and surprisingly meaningful gift for anyone looking to add a touch of flair to everyday life.


2. Naupaka Washi Tape by Hinu Rise, $5.00.

For the person in your life that appreciates the little things in life; like a residue free, waterproof, washi tape with an adorable naupaka flower design. Ideal for the planner friend, the scrapbooking relative, or the DIY warrior in the family.


3. Eco-Friendly Lip Balms by Hawaii Peeps, $6.00

Made in small batches, this Mango Ginger Eco-Friendly Lip Balm is a true eco-friendly lip balm that’s as kind to the environment as it is to your lips.


4. Hand Cut Artisan Soap, starting at $7.00

When you gift hand-cut soap bar to a loved one, you don’t just gift soap, you gift an opportunity for everyday luxury. Made with high quality real ingredients, like these Real Kona Coffee Soap Bars, $10.00 by Bliss Soaps Hawaiʻi. Their uniquely hand cut designs add a touch of interest to any bathroom, like this fun, iconic design of The MUSOAPBI™ by Local Kine Tingz.

Gifts $15 & Under

1. Reusable Tote Bag by Kumumea, $12.00.

Because you can never have too many reusable bags; although with pros like it’s large capacity, foldability, and adorable design, this reusable tote bag will likely replace one - or more - of your current ones.


2. Organic Sugar Free Tea by Oribe Tea, $13.00.

Hawaiʻi island’s very own Oribe Tea combines a gentle cold brew method and locally sourced ingredients resulting in a crisp, clean, natural flavors like: Ginger Lime, Kona Mango, and Hibiscus Mint & Māmaki. Discover the perfect antidote to a bright Hawaiian Christmas day that is sure to become a year round favorite.


3. Coconut Soy Wax Candle - Pikake Jasmine by MOEĀ, $15.00.

This candle smells exactly like a fresh pikake lei... Need I say more? AND it's hand-poured in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island.


4. Hawaiian Language Weekly Planner by Ehu Kakahiaka, $15.00.

Designed with both style and function in mind, this planner will help you seize the week with confidence and will easily become your new favorite desk buddy. A thoughtful gift for those both those who are fluent or learning Hawaiian.

Gifts $25 & Under

1. Organic Beeswax Food Wraps by Meli Wraps, $23.00.

There’s many reasons why Meli Wraps are the bee’s knees of kitchen goodies! For everything from keeping your sandwiches fresh to keeping your veggies crisp, beeswax wraps, like these Handmade Food Wraps in Coral, are the sustainable alternative to single use plastic wrap. The gift that keeps on giving, to your loved one, and to the environment!


2. Acacia Wood Trinket Bowl by Flattery Designs, $25.00.

As all pieces are hand poured, no two pieces are the same, making it a great one of a kind gift for the one of a kind person in your life. A tranquil addition to any space, perfect for jewelry, office supplies, or any other small items you want to keep track of! 

3. A Travel Jewelry Box by Simply Designed by Tracy, $25.00.

The ideal gift for the person in your life who appreciates utility and style. It holds an surprising amount of jewelry, and keeps it organized and safe. A great addition for travelers, jewelry lovers, and chronic organizers.

4. I SUPPORT LOCAL T-Shirt by us, (Hawaiiverse), $25.00.

A bit of a shameless plug, but we think your giftee would look amazing in one of our shirts. A simple way to let everyone know you support local, (and enjoy being comfortable 😉). 

Hopefully our gift guide has given you a few ideas and has shown you that you don’t need to spend a fortune to find meaningful presents that support local businesses. Plus, we all know that the true spirit of the holidays lies in the joy of giving, not in the price tag. We hope that we at Hawaiiverse can help you navigate the joyous chaos of the holiday season while supporting growth and support where it matters most — in our very own backyard. 

Friendly reminder that the last day to place an order to receive by: 12/25/23 is 12/15/23.