Gift Guide 1 - Christmas Already?

Taylor Martin

You may be thinking, “Christmas already?!” But trust me, the holiday season has a sneaky way of approaching faster than we realize. I mean, at the time that you’re reading this, there are  just 30 days left (yes 1 month) until Christmas. But no worries, no need to panic. Now may actually be a great time to start deciding who you want to include on your gift list, and what kind of gifts you would like to get them. 

This gift guide will help you get some gift ideas for those special somebodies in your life. Below are our handpicked selection of potential presents that you can order right to your door (or theirs 😉) making this holiday season stress-free and full of thoughtful gifts, supportive of local businesses and our local community.




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For the kane in your life…

1. These graphic and fun Cotton Athletic Crew Socks by Sun Dot Marine Flags

These socks feature some of Hawaiʻi’s favorite ocean creatures, including sport fish favorites like the Ulua, making it the perfect gift for the fishermen or ocean loving kāne in your life. These hand printed socks have both the looks, in its bold design, as well as the comfort, in its arch supporting cotton bottom, making it the  ideal pair for outdoor as well as day to day activities.

2. The Kai— sunglasses that float?! The perfect pair from Templ Brand.


    Made from eco-friendly materials including an ultra light TPX frame and lightweight lenses, these glasses are going to easily become a go to, especially while doing anything on the water. These sunglasses come with polarized lenses, providing UV protection, glare reduction, and improved water visibility. Plus, the gold tribal accents on the side are a nice, and subtle, touch. 

    3. For the dad in your life, a HI Embroidered Adjustable Low Profile Cap by Black Point Company.

    This may be the perfect cap to add to their dad hat arsenal. Let’s be real, dads are the epitome of casual cool and effortless style; and a “dad hat” is the classic that compliments any outfit. A perfect everyday accessory, its relaxed low-profile fit and adjustable enclosure ensures a perfect fit, making it a go-to choice for any casual occasion.

    4. The most comfortable shirt for $12? This Diamond Soft & Stretch Breathable T-Shirt.

    The perfect blend of comfort and style. This is the kind of shirt you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again. Whether it’s time for kicking back at home, tackling a day's task, the gym, or just hanging out with friends, this shirt ensures that comfort is never compromised.

    For the wahine in your life… 

    1. A classic choice that never goes out of style, a shiny pendant like this Sterling Silver Monstera Necklace by Debby Sato Designs.

    Featuring authentic sterling silver on an 18" chain, this is a versatile addition to any jewelry collection. Handcrafted on the island of Oʻahu, this necklace is a timeless gift that combines craftsmanship, sophistication, and just a touch of elegance.

      2. Small-batch skincare products by Aloha Malie.

      In a world of mass-produced cosmetics, artisan skincare products can be a breath of fresh air. These small batch products, such as this Euphoria Restorative Face Serum, stand out not only for being handmade in Hawaiʻi, but also  for their use of premium organic botanical ingredients, ensuring a gentle touch for your loved one’s skin. With products like Brilliant, Bold, Clear and just plain Awesome, Aloha Malie is the one stop shop that can help you give a gift that not only evokes results, but a feeling this holiday season.

      3. A wide variety of ʻĀina Inspired acrylic nails by Iwi Nails.

      The sheer amount of beautiful local designs make this a top choice for the wahine in your life. The vibrant colors, and comforting styles are guaranteed to improve anyone's nail game. This is a great stocking stuffer, or a gift you can stockpile - and don't forget the optional UV lamp for extra cure.

      4. The perfect gift for that dynamic mom in your life, a Māmā Mana Gold Foil Trucker Hat by māmā owned Ua Koko Collection.

      A heartfelt and stylish choice to show your admiration and appreciation for the remarkable mom in your life, allowing them to wear motherhood with pride. The golden foil print not only adds a dash of glamor, but also pays homage to the incredible grace and strength that defines motherhood. Designed to compliment the busy lifestyle of a mom, these hats provide sun protection and style,  making it a great gift for the multifaceted mom and all of her daily activities. 

      5. Give the gift of boundless space and convenience with this Extra Large Waterproof Reusable Tote Bag by Kumumea.

      Made from recycled waterproof materials, this tote bag is the ultimate companion for mom’s daily journeys. With a more than spacious 21” x 13” interior, this tote ensures that all must-haves, from snacks to extra clothes, and even personal items, can be carried in one stylish place; that means no more juggling bags or compromising functionality. Whether it’s a day at the beach or park, a quick grocery run, or an adventure with the little ones, this tote is up for the task.

      For the little one in your life… 

      1. Reel in the fun with this Interactive Educational Magnetic Keiki Fishing Game Play Set by Kalo Keiki Designz.

      Your little one will love the challenge of hooking up some Hawaii’s most beloved ocean friends! Featuring a set of 9  hand stitched Hawaiian ocean creatures, made in Hana, Maui, this play set is a fun and engaging way to educate your keiki about Hawaiʻi’s rich ocean ecosystem. This screen free educational entertainment option allows little ones to practice “fishing”; using valuable hand-eye coordination and dexterity, and introducing them to skills like patience and memorization. With multiple ways to play, this set is an enjoyable way to spark your child’s sense of adventure and love for nature year round!

        2. For the littlest members of the family, perhaps a Handmade Patchwork Poi Pounder Teething Toy by Sew Hauʻoli.

        If you have a teething baby in your life, or know someone who does, a teething toy could be the practical and thoughtful gift that is surely appreciated by both baby and their parents. These teething toys are handmade using safe non toxic materials, and provide sensory features, like varying colors and textures, to encourage sensory exploration. 

        3. Hawaiian Themed Art Educational Math Flashcards by Keiki Cards Hawaii — the gift that brings a touch of aloha to learning.

        Consider giving the gift of educational and cultural enrichment with flashcards that offer a multi-sensory approach to learning and teaching. This unique multi-sensory set  has all the  benefits of traditional flash cards, but brings a touch of Hawaiian themed art into the equation. This set promotes fun learning and turns math practice into an engaging game, allowing children to have fun while sharpening their math skills.

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        We hope our gift suggestions lighten your shopping load or at the very least provide some inspiration for some gift ideas this holiday season. Stay tuned as we approach Christmas and continue to release more gift guides, holiday gift sets, and of course, discounts!