We Tested Meli Wraps Beeswax Wraps for 2 Years So You Don't Have To

Taylor Martin

TL;DR: Beeswax wrap is an incredible substitute for plastic wrap that you can feel good about, and it also does some cool off-label stuff too.

The Hawaiiverse Test 🤙

Here at Hawaiiverse, we like to get to know our products - like really get to know them. In fact, we've tested a good portion of the items on our online marketplace before carrying them. One such item is Meli Wraps - a cotton and beeswax alternative to plastic wrap. This product gets an easy A+ for the following reasons:

  • Completely reusable and compostable
  • Made with 100% certified organic cotton and Hawaiian beeswax
  • Kauaʻi-based, woman-owned company
  • Fun, bright, colorful local designs
  • Effective at what it's supposed to do
  • See Meli Wraps' Hawaiiverse store here!

The Test of Time 🕰️

We originally picked up Meli Wraps during a woebegone era where it was not even safe to venture to the store to buy clingwrap. We had also lost most of the lids to our Tupperware and didn't have enough empty Cool Whip containers, so we were in a bind. Thankfully we found Meli Wraps, and even though the sad times have left, the wraps are still here. Their website states 150 washes and 1-2 years depending on use, and we can definitely vouch for this.

This veteran piece of beeswax wrap has been through it all - and with ease. It covered nearly anything we needed it to - from lidless pots to the odd half apple or onion. We didn't even realize we only used half the roll, but that's really all we needed. Although it's cracked, and a little tacky, it can still do a bunch of stuff - which we tested below.

The Fun Tests 🤪

We all know beeswax wraps is perfect for covering food, but did you know it could also be:

A Leakproof Lid

Not bad overall, takes a little squeezing, but it does form a fairly airtight lid. Even with vigorous shaking, it doesn't leak. That being said - if you don't get the perfect seal, liquid will shoot out. Great if you need to cover a jar or something in an emergency.

A Funnel

Usually, the moment we're looking for a funnel is when we realize we never owned a funnel. But have no fear - Meli Wraps can immediately shapeshift into a waterproof, conical wonder that perfectly redirects liquids or dry goods into containers. It's not exact, but what it lacks in precision it makes up for in adaptability.

A Jar Opener

Look, nobody wants to admit they aren't strong enough to open a jar. Running it under hot water is only an excuse to rebuild your stamina and grip strength for a second go. Save yourself the embarrassment and use the event as an opportunity to show off the usefulness of beeswax wrap in the household!

A Candle

This is for the very end of its life - but because it's cotton and wax, it holds a flame very well. You could probably use some to start a fire at the bottom of a charcoal pyramid as it burns pretty long. Between this and throwing it in the compost, we believe it's better to give your Meli Wraps a Viking funeral for its years of service.

Brought Back from the Brink

Through the dark web, we learned it is actually possible to reseal the cracks by putting it in the oven at low temperature for about 5 minutes. This is just low enough to get a good reseal on the wax - some even suggest adding flakes of beeswax to reinforce and restore the wrap. Whichever you choose to do, don't be like us and just put it on a bakers pan, which the melted wax will stick to - put baking parchment under it so it comes off like a sticker.

Final Thoughts 🤔

We really do love Meli Wraps, what it stands for, and what it can do. Replacing plastic wrap is such a simple thing you could do right now to reduce your environmental impact, and though it might cost a bit in the beginning, I don't see plastic wrap helping to open jars. Also, when plastic wrap doubles over onto itself, it's just so frustrating you end up throwing the half-covered bowl into the fridge, defeating the purpose. Meli Wraps would never do that to you. See Meli Wraps' Hawaiiverse store here

The products in this post were not received in exchange for review, nor were we compensated for promotional consideration. We DO sell these products on our website, but firmly stand behind the editorial integrity of our reviews and opinion pieces.

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